I Am The One

This is a kind of puzzle game with questions. You can find famous characters from the world of wrestling. The idea of the game is to drag the right box text on the appropriateness character. Must have general knowledge about this wrestling sport to properly fit each statement with that picture. It is a fun test for fans of these wwe characters, let's see how good your are!

how to pay royal rumble

Before you start this game, read well the description to find out what this is about. The game itself is called Royal Rumble and is part of a campaign promoting wrestling. The game itself is simple, toss your fellow competitors over the top rope. Now is your chance to see how well you know the Royal Rumble by simply matching superstars with Their Royal accomplishment.

With your mouse drag each box containing a text over images that represent better. It's like a trivia game, very interactive and fun, you can play with friends for a knowledge test of wrestling characters. If your text box is correctly placed in the right place, this will make it green, if not will turn red and you know you made a mistake.

  • Press play button
    Use mouse to play
  • Drag pieces to the right images
    Make a bigger score