Wrestling Legends

This is the most realistic wrestling game that you can play online. A well-designed 3d game, which all fans of this sport will love. After a brief tutorial, you will learn the necessary movements for fight, you'll be able to enter inside the ring for a real fight.

how to play wrestling legends

Select one character from our four professional wrestler presented inside the game, press the play button and enter in direct fight with your opponent. Remember all the movements practiced in tutorial, if you do not remember them, then you can practice until you learn all kicks. Without those key combinations you will not be able to beat your opponent.

To execute these moves as good in the ring, I will expose key combinations for you just below the description of the game. In this way, you could see during the battle, which kicks to do. I hope to help you win the fight. Do not forget to peek the key combinations listed below.

  • A = punch
    S = kick
  • W+A = big punch......... W+S = special kick
    D+Right or Left = kick with two legs
  • D+Up = cloking .........W+Down = special kick
    D+Down = smash up to the floor