Wwe Raw

Experience Raw with this story based game. Pick your options how you want your story. Be a part of RAW. You control everything, PA announcers, wrestlers the girls, everything. As you go through the movie you will be given options as to what to do.

how to play wwe raw

In this game you will get different scenes where you must choose the answers that you give them. Everything happens behind the scenes, and this game is a pamphlet.

Every answer will have a consequence, some are funny, others not. You never know what comes next, this makes the game more interesting.

No need to have knowledge about wrestling to play this game. Simply click on the text seems funnier and continue interviews with popular characters in wrestling.

It is comic and also fun to see the reactions of these characters. Share this game with your friends if you like it.

  • Select desired text
    Use mouse to interact